An Interoperable Electric Charging Network

BETA’s thoughtfully designed network of charging systems provides the foundation for electric transportation. Designed to be multimodal, our chargers supply the power needed to safely, quickly, and efficiently charge electric vehicles both on the ground and in the air – seamlessly integrating with existing transportation infrastructure in any environment. With nearly 60 sites online or in progress, we are paving the way for a network of chargers ready to support new and existing modes of electric transportation.

BETA Charge Map

Versatile Charging Systems

BETA’s charging system can be deployed as a standalone installation for on-airport or off-airport operations, or integrated into distribution centers, hospitals, or other off-airport sites. With the potential to tap into existing onsite solar power and energy storage, this system is sustainable, reliable, and purpose-built to support a multimodal electric transportation system.
AC Voltage Connection
480 Vac, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
AC Grid Current
450 Amps
Continuous Power
350 kVA
Battery Charge Range
Up to 950 Vdc
Continuous Charge Current
350 Amps
Boost Charge Current
500 Amps
Payment Methods
Credit Card, Phone App, RFID Tag
Charging Protocol
Demand Response Interface
ADR 2.0

Customizable for Every Mission

Our charging solutions are customizable for every mission. From fleet charging and private hangars to individual fast-charging, we have a solution that fits every operator. BETA’s charging pads can include anything from dedicated spaces for mission planning and ops tracking, to crew rest areas, workshops and maintenance facilities, all while optimizing space and conserving energy. On-airport solutions are elegantly designed to rapidly recharge aircraft and ground vehicles within an extremely compact footprint.

Pilot's Quarters

Hotel containers are designed to be comfortable places to recharge pilots, passengers and crew. They have full size beds and 3/4 bathrooms.

Elevated Landing Deck

A secure landing zone with light systems and deicing for all weather operations.

Control Center / Lounge

Customizable control centers are intended to be places where pilots, passengers and crew can relax, eat, study and plan their next mission.

Battery Energy Storage

Power distribution units house the power inverter for rapid recharge, the solar inverter for onsite power generation and other major mechanical systems.