Leading the Electric Flight Revolution

Electric flight is here today. The next exciting, inevitable milestone will be its commercialization. We’re at the forefront of making that happen with a team of relentlessly focused, hands-on engineers who are testing, reworking and retesting what will be the world’s most versatile electric aircraft.

Our electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft promises an unprecedented forward leap in energy efficiency and cost savings. But these benefits are just the beginning. Taking a whole systems approach, we will be able to support a variety of missions from virtually anywhere, all in a design that’s just simple enough to be revolutionary.


Leveraging the experience and success of our full-scale eVTOL prototype, AVA, we’re now developing ALIA, our first commercial eVTOL. Testing of ALIA is underway and we are on the path to FAA certification.

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Our recharge stations are thoughtfully designed to provide rapid recharging and offer configured-to-order flexibility in support of a full range of operational needs, from simple to feature-rich. The result is a holistically thought-out system that allows for faster deployment of eVTOL transportation.

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BETA Headquarters

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