The BETA Charge Cube

BETA’s electric aircraft charging network is powered by the Charge Cube. The Charge Cube safely, quickly, and efficiently charges next generation electric aircraft, as well as ground-based EV’s. We are partnering with airports, FBO’s, and OEM’s to deploy this technology and enable the future of aviation and electric transportation.

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50ft retractable reel

The 50 foot cord provides flexibility in aircraft parking orientation and location to minimize aircraft ground handling, and maintain a safe distance between the aircraft and its Charge Cube.

Purpose-built design

At 4 feet tall, BETA’s Charge Cubes are designed to integrate underneath an aircraft wing and offer a touchless experience to pilots and crew who operate them.

Continuous, reliable power output

Continuous 350 kW power output will charge an ALIA aircraft in just 50 minutes.

Multi-modal and interoperable

Universal charging standards allow BETA chargers to be utilized on any electric vehicle – ground or air – that is CCS1 compliant.

Mobile App

A mobile application serves as the touchpoint for all BETA charging systems, providing a familiar and simple interface to operate these products. The mobile app is powered by a robust backend where Charge Cube owners can set pricing for charging, automatically collect payment, and control APIs to interface Charge Cube with other enterprise systems.

Charge Cube Specifications

AC Voltage Connection
480 Vac, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
AC Grid Current
420 Amps
Continuous Power
320 kW
Battery Charge Range
Up to 1,000 Vdc
Continuous Charge Current
350 Amps
Payment Methods
Phone App + Plug and Charge
Charging Protocol

A Nationwide Charging Network

Our charging network is being built out now. We have 9 publicly accessible electric chargers online, more than 55 sites in permitting or construction, and plans for nearly 150 online by 2025.

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Configurable for
Every Mission

Our Charge Pad provides an integrated facility for customers operating off-airport. Operators can configure a BETA Charge Pad to meet their specific operational needs. We have modules for mission planning and operations tracking, crew rest areas, workshops, elevated landing zones, maintenance facilities and more

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Pilot's Quarters

Hotel containers are designed to be comfortable places to recharge pilots, passengers and crew. They have full size beds and 3/4 bathrooms.

Elevated Landing Deck

A secure landing zone with light systems and deicing for all weather operations.

Control Center / Lounge

Customizable control centers are intended to be places where pilots, passengers and crew can relax, eat, study and plan their next mission.

Battery Energy Storage

Power distribution units house the power inverter for rapid recharge, the solar inverter for onsite power generation and other major mechanical systems.