The ALIA Platform

A design inspired by nature, ALIA is a simple platform that enables new modes of transportation. The aircraft are designed using first principles of physics to fly in the safest, most efficient way possible. They utilize BETA’s patented electric propulsion systems and produce zero operational emissions. Both aircraft have an exceptionally aerodynamic form factor, a light weight structure, and carry advanced energy-dense batteries. The aircraft has a 50 foot wingspan and will carry up to 5 people and a pilot.

100% battery energy storage

Powered by high-voltage battery packs, configured in-house, our aircraft will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Industrious design

ALIA is optimized for payload and range, designed for high dispatch rates, low maintenance needs, and configured to carry out versatile mission sets in all weather conditions.

Large rear door and flat floor

Developed in partnership with leading operators, the enlarged rear door offers increased access for ground handling crews and large items. The flat floor is ergonomically designed for rapid loading and unloading and maximized payload capacity.

IFR capable

Designed with lightning strike protection and inadvertent icing protection, ALIA is IFR capable to allow for reliable operations in all weather conditions and all geographies.

Night capable

The exterior lighting outfitting the aircraft enables night flight, extending the window of operations.

Single pilot operations

Designed to require single pilot operations, ALIA lowers the barrier to flight and reduces the workforce strain.

Side-by-side seating

The dual seat configuration enables simple in-aircraft training for operators, and is optimally designed to enable specialized, high-value cargo missions, such as organ transfer.

BETA-developed propulsion system

The electric propulsion system—designed and produced in-house—offers high-torque density and high-efficiency, translating to reliable operations and low maintenance needs.
BETA ALIA CTOL VTOL Comparison Diagram


The fixed-wing ALIA CTOL enables airport-to-airport missions while maximizing range and payload.


The ALIA VTOL has the ability to take-off and land vertically. Its simple lift-plus-cruise design unlocks new, point-to-point missions in the vertical dimension.