The Team

Our team is passionate about flight, and dedicated to making it clean and accessible to everyone.

Thomas Henck

Tom is a Systems Engineer and Electrical Systems DER covering 14 CFR PARTS 23, 25, 27, 29. His background includes 12 years with Collins Aerospace supporting all aspects of HUMS, PHM, and SHM programs including product line planning, development, oversight, and support.
For Tom, systems engineering represents the perfect mix of all engineering disciplines to bring everything together through planning and requirements. As a DER assisting the FAA Tom works diligently to provide an unbiased review of a program’s engineering/test data against an established certification basis to determine compliance. By working closely with the FAA Tom strives to enhance the ensure the standards for aviation safety.
When not working towards revolutionizing aviation at Beta Tom spends time tinkering on his 1979 MGB, playing with IoT gadgets for home automation, or spending time with his two daughters!

John ‘Chip’ Palombini

Chip’s passion for flight developed at iTherm where he designed high-frequency power electronics out of a motel room while staring at a J-3 on floats. iTherm was acquired by Dynapower. At Dynapower Chip was the Director of the Energy Storage Group and managed business development, marketing, sales, product development, certification, intellectual property, and managed a critical global supply chain. Chip has over 30 patents globally. When he can’t be found flying he’s usually pedaling a bike to get a pastry and a latte.

Mike Bandy

Bandy has spent his professional life directing fast-paced procurement traffic in the power electronics and semiconductor industries while simultaneously working to establish strong and dynamic relationships with the supplier base. Craves operational excellence and logical, systematic flow of day to day business. When away from BETA you can find him conducting culinary experiments for his family and obsessing over his record collection.

Malcolm Achilles

Malcolm is currently working on his degree part-time while working full time. He works on anything and everything that needs to happen including CNC Machines and other industrial equipment. He is a competitive Mountain biker racing around the East Coast.

Blain Newton

With current responsibilities for overall Finance and Operations at Beta, Blain spent most of his professional life leading global healthcare technology companies while dreaming of flying in something other than United Airlines economy seats.

Greg Leech

Greg has 30 years of construction experience, starting as a carpenter and progressively moved into project management.

Bianca Marrier

Bianca is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, she is one of only a few women that carry a license in the state of Vermont.

Willa Clark

Michael Maluk

Mike has worked on everything from stealth bombers to guitar amps. He used to sleep on a blow-up mattress in his closet to make more room in his apartment for machines and tools.

Ryan ‘Shain’ Matthews

Shain is a master ironworker who also dabbles in bronze, silver, gold. He’s a Dyno and 5-Star Certified Master Yamaha Technician who has built everything from a gold mine to a nuclear reactor. At BETA he is fabricating our recharge pads. In his spare time, he’s learning to fly helicopters, which makes some of us nervous.

Cole Hanson

Cole is a recent grad of UVM in Mechanical Engineering, which he applies to research, design, and development of our aircraft recharging station. He designed and built an electric go-cart with the torque of a mid-sized snow-blower. We keep it on-site for late-night pizza runs.

Luke Randall

Lochie Ferrier

Lochie is a recent grad of MIT in Aerospace Engineering, which he applies to analysis, design, and test at Beta. He designed and built a twin electric taildragger ultralight at MIT, and is a licensed private pilot.

Ben Colbourn

Ben is variously our remote test pilot, rapid prototyping, and design specialist. He has his hands on anything mechanical and electrical. He’s also the world record holder (Guinness approval pending) for piloting the largest remote control electric aircraft in history.

Sean Donovan

Sean is a mechanical engineer focused on all aspects of electric aircraft design and build at Beta. His previous experience includes extensive high precision and high-speed aerospace and automotive automation design. In his free time, you’ll find him in a custom-built camper van down by the river.

Lan Vu

Lan is an electrical engineer, turning wrenches, connecting high voltage batteries, and calibrating electric motors. She once volunteered to trailer an aircraft fuselage across the country in 51 hours. Her first name is not short for ‘local area network.’

Jeffrey Giroux

Jeffrey is with Beta while studying Computer Science at UVM. He works with the software team to develop and maintain our aircraft simulators. In the winter, he keeps the homegrown Vermont sport of Jack Jumping alive, shredding the mountains on 2x4s and rusty skis.

Tim Richter

Tim worked on hybrid and electric vehicle projects for GE since 2003. He designs, develops and tests electrical systems and software with a focus on component interactions, data collection and analysis. To unwind he shreds a vintage Strat with the volume at 11.

Cam Jonas

Cam is a USAF trained aircraft mechanic who rolls up his sleeves and does whatever needs doing. His focus is on wiring, mechanical assembly, and problem-solving. He claims to sleep at least 12 hours, per week, but we think that might be an overestimate.

Christopher Woodall

Chris has a background in electronics, software and digital signal processing with a degree in Electrical Engineering, but started programming when he was 12. Working at the interface between hardware and software is where Chris likes to be. Previously he worked designing BMS’s, small motor drives, and medical devices, but wanted to scale up to working on a larger system. When the mountains call Chris can usually be found a few meters off the ground up enjoying the challenges of a stellar climb.

Joshua Auerbach

Josh is a computational scientist with expertise in software engineering, machine learning, robotics, and stochastic optimization. Before joining BETA he was Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Innovation at Champlain College and a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL in Switzerland. When he’s not working you’ll probably find him out in the mountains: climbing, hiking, biking, or huffing uphill on his splitboard in search of steep lines and deep powder.

Andrew Giroux

Andrew is adept at embedded systems, including circuit board design and firmware development. In the past, he’s built sensor systems for helicopters, internet-connected smart grid devices, and fast electric cars. He’s been a volunteer firefighter and EMT for a decade.

Vincent Moeykens

Vincent is currently a student at UVM studying computer science. At Beta, he works with the software team developing telemetry systems for data collection and visualization. He is also a licensed pilot and has been flying gliders since before he could drive. In his free time, he volunteers on his college’s rescue squad as an EMT.

Steve Arms

Steve is another engineer/entrepreneur who founded MicroStrain (acquired by Lord Corp. 2012) and Swarms Ventures, producer of the app SeeItAgain. He’s also well known for his writing on biomechanics and structural monitoring. At BETA he’s working on creating a sensate aircraft. His hobbies are tennis, boating and collecting patents.

Lino Verna

Lino provides mechanical and system design and, from early on, has a hand in virtually everything we do. Works out of a shipping container in Raleigh, NC.

Riley Griffin

Riley’s focus is in aerospace design and analysis. He’s an expert in computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and analytical modeling. Before coming to BETA he worked at Aurora Flight Sciences on aerodynamic design, thermal analysis, and bio-inspired sensing systems. He’s wise beyond his years.

Braedon Lohe

With experience building electrified race cars at UVM, working at a small electronics manufacturer, and testing the latest generation of plug-in hybrids at Ford, Braedon brings battery know-how, electro-mechanical integration experience, and testing & validation knowledge to the BETA team.
When not at BETA’s KBTV headquarters, Braedon can usually be found working on one of his vehicles or, in the winter, out on his snowboard.

Dale Williams

Dale has worked in a variety of electrical, mechanical and building control engineering roles. In addition to engineering, he has extensive experience in carpentry, plumbing, high-efficiency heating systems, and metal fabrication. Outside of work he enjoys restoring classic vehicles and travels the world touring on motorcycles. At BETA he designs, builds, and tests electrical and mechanical systems.

Morgan Gomez

Morgan has a degree focused on UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and has work experience in underwater robotic systems and ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles). He is experienced in electronic systems ranging from circuit board design and programming to wiring full-scale systems but he enjoys the learning experience from filling all roles on the road to solving a problem. When not at work, Morgan can be found tinkering on his mountain bike or sitting too close to his vintage Marantz stereo.

Morgan Knapton

Knapton has over a decade and a half of lean manufacturing and engineering experience in diversified markets across the globe. Morgan has developed and implemented tailored lean business solutions to companies on 4 continents for a range of industries. Prior to university, Morgan was trained and certified in Nuclear grade welding, fabrication, and design, where he gained a unique perspective on engineering and manufacturing. At university, he received dual degrees in Physics & Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. He went on to earn his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and completed projects in the Power, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Sub-sea, Food and Aerospace industries. Morgan utilizes hands-on expertise, data-backed decision making, and World-Class business systems to implement cost and lead time reductions while increasing quality.

Morgan is now full time with Beta, where he can leverage his LLC and past partnerships around the world to push the vision forward.

James ‘Travis’ Williams

Travis has collectively over 12 years of fabrication experience and a strong knowledge of electrical wiring and components

Cody Spiegel

Cody was born and raised off the electric grid in a solar-powered home in Central Vermont. He attended UVM and studied mechanical engineering. After college Cody worked at NRG Systems where he spent four years conceptualizing, developing and testing a patent-pending Bat Deterrent System. Cody’s expertise and passions include creative mechanical design, testing, manufacturing and hands-on research, and development. In his free time, he enjoys a healthy balance of home improvement projects, gardening, beekeeping and chasing striped bass off the New England Coast.

Michael Jacquinto

Michael has spent nearly a decade developing ceramic matrix composites for the next generation of jet engines. He enjoys creating parts and structures that have never been made before, from materials that are challenging to manufacture and analyze. Before Beta, he spent a year traveling the country in a self-built campervan, doing consulting work and writing songs. Perhaps our flying machines will inspire some new songwriting.

Philip Retzloff

Phil is an expert woodworker by trade and an entrepreneur who gave up making beautiful wood kids toys to make big kids toys. At BETA he designs and builds aircraft and recharge pad prototypes.

Kyle Werner

Kyle is an expert in sensing technologies, mechanical design, and rapid fabrication. He’s worked on everything from electric vehicles to race cars, to aerospace sensors. If it’s high voltage and high speed he’s in his element. Some say he dreams in GCODE.

Ken Mick

Ken is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. His early years were with United Airlines, but has been involved in general aviation for many years. He recently received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Certificate, awarded to mechanics with 50 years of industry experience. In his free time, he serves on the Conservation Commission in Georgia, Vermont, gardens canoes, and does some biking.

Morgan Randall

Morgan has worked in many facets of human services. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a focus in Behavioral Analysis. Morgan supports Beta with whatever needs doing mostly in the scope of operations and administration. She is intrigued by the remarkable vision of Beta and the amazing people on the fast track. Morgan enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, and spending time with family.

Manon Belzile

Mechanical engineer with a love for analysis, software, hardware, validation and things that make noise… typically starts her day by climbing Mt. Mansfield before dawn or waking up the loons on the lake with her rowing shell.

Scot Swanborn

Scot is a master craftsman and once upon a time environmental chemist. As a business owner, he designed and manufactured furniture and cabinets but his experience spans plumbing, electrical and general carpentry. At Beta, he fabricates aircraft and charging pad prototypes.

Chris Townsend

Chris is working on sensing and hardware embedded control systems required for fly-by-wire flight control. He was formerly a lead engineer at MicroStrain. He speaks softly and carries a slide rule. No relation to Pete.

Nathan Wiegman

Nathan is working on eVTOL aircraft motor design and optimization. He specializes in CAD, 2D/3D finite element analysis (FEA), programming with a focus on analytical simulation. He also once rode a motorcycle from Shanghai to Moscow because why not?

Nick Warren

Nick is one of our experimental Test Pilots. He is licensed for both Rotary and Fixed Wing aircraft and is a certified flight instructor. Nick is a veteran of the USMC where he was an attack helicopter pilot with significant OT&E experience on aircraft weapons and threat countermeasure systems. He also flew President Obama around quite a bit.

James Laughlin

James specializes in mechanical design and fabrication.  The more impossible a concept seems the better a challenge to make it lighter, faster, stronger.

Camron Guthrie

Camron (not to be confused with Cam) is another of our military-grade test pilots. He flew Vipers for the ANG under the call sign Arlo. You might also call him a walking encyclopedia of avionics if there was a kind of encyclopedia that ate other encyclopedias for breakfast.

Travis Clark

David Churchill

Dave is a jack of all trades if by trades you mean mechanical design, analysis, fabrication, testing, and writing software. Dave describes BETA as a “Great team with a big vision, strong on smarts, minimal bullshit.”

Herman Wiegman

Herman’s expertise is in technical analysis of power and control systems, construction of multidisciplinary models that directly feed real designs. Before BETA he worked on energy storage for GE Global Research where he was Principal Engineer in their Electric Power Technology Center. So he knows some things.

Austin Meyer

Austin is a veteran coder and entrepreneur in the flight simulation space. He founded X-plane, the most popular flight simulation software for PC and Mac, and also the popular flight safety software Xavion. For BETA he simulates what an eVTOL will do, to figure out what will happen before it does, and he writes software for airplane control systems. In his spare time, he builds and flies planes.

Kyle Clark

Kyle says “Sometimes everything you’ve ever done suddenly intersects with everything you’ve ever wanted to do.” With specialties in business and power, he founded iTherm, which was acquired by Dynapower where he then directed engineering; but with a passion for flight it was almost inevitable that he would build a company around electric aircraft, and here we are.

Fun fact, after Harvard Kyle spent his NHL signing bonus on flight lessons.

Cullen Jemison

Cullen is an electrical engineer and embedded software engineer with prior work experience designing smart-grid IoT devices. He graduated from UVM in 2019, where he studied electrical engineering. While at UVM, Cullen designed, built, and drove electric race cars. Outside of work, Cullen enjoys working on his electronics projects, skiing, and playing the saxophone.

Steven Orisko

Steven is an autobody guru utilizing his toolbox of skills to make presentation models and assist with anything on the airplane. When he’s not hanging around the hanger, he’s out plowing snow or digging with his excavator like a kid in a sandbox.

Brandon White

Brandon is a mechanical engineer who has spent the last 8 years in a design and development role specializing in thermal and structural design and analysis. Falling back on solid engineering principles, he has a passion for solving some of the more diverse and challenging problems in the simplest way possible. Outside of work, you can find him deep in the woods hiking, hunting or fishing.

James Whitehill

James is a recent RIT Industrial Design graduate that started his career in the fine furniture industry. He worked on woodworking projects for residential and commercial spaces with contributions including design ideation and iteration, as well as CAD drawing and CNC manufacturing. He has always been interested in creating functional, beautiful objects that eliminate problems and annoyances. At Beta, his role is to support the recharge pad team with building and problem-solving. Outside of work, James loves all outdoor activities, especially skiing and mountain biking.