« L’engouement et la passion dont ils témoignent envers notre mission, envers ce qu’ils font et les uns envers les autres sont extraordinairement palpables. Je ne pense pas qu’on retrouve une telle énergie partout. »
---- Chuck Davis, fondateur de Stone Point Capital, administrateur principal indépendant de Hershey Company, membre du conseil d’administration de Progressive Insurance.


L’équipe Beta est composée de passionnés issus d’une grande variété de secteurs : ingénierie, conception, fabrication, création, machines… La pollinisation croisée naturelle des compétences permet une approche holistique de la résolution des problèmes de conception et de l’innovation.


La passion du vol est au cœur de notre culture. Chaque membre de l’équipe BETA a la possibilité de faire l’expérience du vol depuis le poste de pilotage avec l’un de nos sept instructeurs de vol certifiés. Cet avantage leur offre un aperçu précieux de la conception d’aéronefs.


L’équipe BETA privilégie une approche multidisciplinaire. Ce sont les personnes qui font de BETA un lieu de travail extraordinaire et leur passion est le moteur de sa réussite.

Administrateurs et conseillers de BETA

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Dr. Martine Rothblatt

Membre du conseil d’administration

Founder of Sirius XM radio and United Therapeutics. Progressive technologist and green energy advocate. Helicopter, fixed wing pilot.

Dean Kamen

Membre du conseil d’administration

Founder of DEKA research and FIRST Robotics for kids, inventor of the iBot wheelchair and numerous successful products. Helicopter, fixed wing pilot.

Chuck Davis

Membre du conseil d’administration

Founder of Stone Point Capital, Chairman of the Hershey Corporation, Board member of Progressive Insurance.

Dr. David Churchill

Membre du conseil d’administration

Mechanical Design and data integration expert. Former Boeing researcher and VP of engineering for Lord Microstrain. Private Pilot.

Kyle Clark

Président du conseil

Lead engineer and founder. Former director of engineering at Dynapower, Applied Math degree from Harvard University. Test Pilot, CPL, eVTOL, helicopter, fixed wing.

John Abele

Conseiller principal auprès du C.A.

Founder of Boston Scientific. Author and non-linear thinker focused on making the world a better place. Pilot.

Chris Timchack


Principal at Stone Point Capital, Chief Investment Officer of CIT Bank, N.A., and part of the team that created, managed, and sold OneWest Bank. History of science and comparative study of religion degrees from Harvard University. Board Advisor.

Eric Hirschberg


Former CEO of Activision Publishing (Fortune 100) and CEO of Deutsch Inc. Eric holds an art degree and was creative director behind the launch of PlayStation 3, DirectTV and HTC.

Adam Grosser

Conseiller principal

Lifelong engineer, tech entrepreneur and investor. Currently chairman of Google Wing and UP Partners, former Managing Director of Silver Lake Partners. Sir Edmund Hillary Fellow. ATP-rated jet, seaplane, and helicopter pilot.

Notre équipe

Faites connaissance avec l’équipe.

Lochie Ferrier


Lochie is a pilot and engineer passionate about electric flight.

Kyle Clark


Kyle says “Sometimes everything you’ve ever done suddenly intersects with everything you’ve ever wanted to do.” With specialties in business and power, he founded iTherm, which was acquired by Dynapower where he then directed engineering; but with a passion for flight it was almost inevitable that he would build a company around electric aircraft, and here we are. Fun fact, after Harvard, Kyle spent his NHL signing bonus on flight lessons.

Chip Palombini


Chip’s passion for flight developed at iTherm where he designed high frequency power electronics out of a motel room while staring at a J-3 on floats. iTherm was acquired by Dynapower. At Dynapower Chip was the Director of the Energy Storage Group and managed business development, marketing, sales, product development, certification, intellectual property, and managed critical global supply chain. Chips has over 30 patents globally. When he can’t be found flying he’s usually pedaling a bike to get a pastry and a latte.

Mike Bandy


Bandy has spent his professional life directing fast-paced procurement and operations traffic in the power electronics and semiconductor industries while simultaneously working to establish strong and dynamic relationships with the supplier base. Craves operational excellence and logical, systematic flow of day to day business. When away from BETA you can find him conducting culinary experiments for his family and obsessing over his record collection pondering if life would be any different had Prince kept the bass track in 'When Doves Cry'.

Scott Swanborn


Scot is a master craftsman and once upon a time environmental chemist. As a business owner, he designed and manufactured furniture and cabinets but his experience spans plumbing, electrical and general carpentry. At Beta, he fabricates aircraft and charging pad prototypes.

Christopher Woodfall


Chris is an embedded software engineer with prior work experience in servo motors, medical robotics, and scientific instrumentation. He makes our motors spin, writing the code to control and evaluate our electronic propulsion system.

Blain Newton


Blain is responsible for Finance and Operations here at BETA having spent most of his professional life leading global healthcare technology companies. After spending a lot of time as a kid around aircraft at the 174th in Syracuse, NY, he is excited to be learning to fly and helping to transform aviation with the rest of the BETA team. Outside of work he's either dreaming of fly fishing or trying to keep up with his wife and 2 young kiddos on the mountain.

Austin Meyer


Austin is a veteran coder and entrepreneur in the flight simulation space. He founded X-plane, the most popular flight simulation software for PC and Mac, and also the popular flight safety software Xavion. For BETA he simulates what an eVTOL will do, to figure out what will happen before it does, and he writes software for airplane control systems. In his spare free time, he builds and flies planes.

Willa Clark


Willa is a capable pilot on multiple aircraft and happens to be the youngest pilot on our team. Willa even flew aircraft before she drove a car. She once jumped out of a Lancair at night, that was still moving, on fire. (the plane, not her!) If that wasn't impressive enough, she assists in many areas of our business including the recharge pad infrastructure, social media, and other hands on technical work.

Tim Richter


Tim worked on hybrid and electric vehicle projects for GE since 2003. He designs, develops, and tests electrical systems and software with a focus on component interactions, data collection, and analysis. To unwind he shreds a vintage Strat with the volume at 11.

Greg Leech

Greg brings to BETA over 30 years of construction experience. He's been a project manager for 25 years. He's worked for large civil/heavy construction firms, large construction management companies, and the University of Vermont. Immediately before coming to BETA, he oversaw UVM's $72M dorm project and the $7M addition to the Grossman School of Business and a few projects for CEMS. He also worked on the Green Mountain Club's suspension bridge over the Winooski River. Today at BETA he oversees the renovations, fit-ups, and additions to the physical plant.

Herman Wiegman


Herman’s expertise is in technical analysis of power and control systems, construction of multidisciplinary models that directly feed real designs. Before BETA he worked on energy storage for GE Global Research where he was Principal Engineer in their Electric Power Technology Center.

Manon Belzile


Manon is a mechanical engineer with a love for analysis, software, hardware, validation and things that make noise... She typically starts her day by climbing Mt. Mansfield before dawn or waking up the loons on the lake with her rowing shell.

Lan Vu


Lan is an electrical engineer, turning wrenches, building high voltage batteries, and flight testing. Before Beta she worked in the defense industry, working on nuclear submarines and mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles. She once volunteered to trailer AVA's fuselage across the country in 51 hours and then made the same trip once she earned her private pilot license in a Cessna 182 in 18 hours. In her free time, she loves to explore the beautiful state of Vermont with her family.

Riley Griffin


Riley's focus at BETA revolves around the design, analysis, and integration of novel electric aircraft. Riley received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University and worked as a research engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences prior to joining BETA. Riley's expertise includes aerodynamic modeling, performance analysis, structural load testing, early morning mountain biking, backcountry skiing, restoring vintage audio equipment, and working on his 1800s farmhouse in Vermont.

Steven Arms


Steve is another engineer/entrepreneur who founded MicroStrain (acquired by Lord Corp. 2012) and Swarms Ventures, producer of the app SeeItAgain. He’s also well known for his writing on biomechanics and structural monitoring. At BETA he’s working on creating a sensate aircraft. His hobbies are tennis, boating and collecting patents.

Ben Colbourn

Ben is variously our remote test pilot, rapid prototyping, and design specialist. He has his hands on anything mechanical and electrical. He's also the world record holder (Guinness approval pending) for piloting the largest remote control electric aircraft in history.

Cam Jonas


Cam is a USAF trained aircraft technician who rolls up his sleeves and does whatever needs doing. His focus is integral to building and maintaining flight test aircraft, component integration, and the logistics to make it all happen. Basically, if Cam doesn't know, we're in trouble. Prior to Beta he studied fine woodworking and sustainable building in the mountains of VT, hence the beard. Now, he basically lives at Beta, somehow getting paid for his hobbies, and answering to the constant question "Ask Cam!"

Lino Verna


Lino has taken apart almost every single thing he’s ever owned. Some things he’s put back together, others he’s even made better. Working at Beta is an awesome extension of this habit - understand it, design it, build it, test it, make it better. While not working, flying, or spending time with his family, you might find him in his machine shop or on his tractor. He also finds writing in third person exhausting.

Ken Minck

Ken is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. His early years were with United Airlines but has been involved in general aviation for many years. He recently received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Certificate, awarded to mechanics with 50 years of industry experience. In his free time, he serves on the Conservation Commission in Georgia, Vermont, gardens, canoes, and does some biking.

Chris Townsend


Chris is working on sensing and hardware embedded control systems required for fly-by-wire flight control. He was formerly a lead engineer at MicroStrain. He speaks softly and carries a slide rule. No relation to Pete.

David Chruchill


Dave is a jack of all trades if by trades you mean mechanical design, analysis, fabrication, testing, and writing software. Dave describes BETA as a "Great team with a big vision, strong on smarts, minimal bullshit."

Cole Hanson


Cole is a recent grad of UVM in Mechanical Engineering, which he applies to research, design, and development of our aircraft recharging station. He designed and built an electric go-cart with the torque of a mid-sized snow-blower. We keep it on-site for late-night pizza runs.

Nathan Wiegman


Nathan is a member of the battery team, focusing on electrical, mechanical, and abuse testing. He thinks this is the best job ever, mostly because he routinely gets to play with high voltage and explosions. He also once rode a motorcycle from Shanghai to Moscow, because why not?

Kyle Werner


Kyle is an expert in sensing technologies, mechanical design, and rapid fabrication. He’s worked on everything from electric vehicles to race cars, to aerospace sensors. If it’s high voltage and high speed he’s in his element. Some say he dreams in GCODE.

Phil Retzloff

Phil is an expert woodworker by trade and an entrepreneur who gave up making beautiful wood kids' toys to make big kids' toys. At BETA he designs and builds aircraft and recharge pad prototypes.

Shain Matthews


Shain is a master ironworker who also dabbles in bronze, silver, and gold. He's a Dyno and 5-Star Certified Master Yamaha Technician who has built everything from a gold mine to a nuclear reactor. At BETA he is fabricating our recharge pads. In his spare time, he's learning to fly helicopters, which makes some of us nervous.

Sean Donovan


Sean is a mechanical engineer focused on all aspects of electric aircraft design and builds at BETA. His previous experience includes extensive high precision and high-speed aerospace and automotive automation design. In his free time, you'll find him in a custom-built camper van down by the river.

Morgan Randall

Morgan has worked in many facets of human services. She has a Master's Degree in Psychology with a focus in Behavioral Analysis. Morgan supports BETA with whatever needs doing mostly in the scope of operations and administration. She is intrigued by the remarkable vision of BETA and the amazing people on the fast track. Morgan enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, and spending time with family.

Andrew Giroux


Andrew is adept at embedded systems, including circuit board design and firmware development. In the past, he's built sensor systems for helicopters, internet-connected smart grid devices, and fast electric cars. He's been a volunteer firefighter and EMT for a decade.

Michael Maluk

Mike has worked on everything from stealth bombers to guitar amps. He used to sleep on a blow-up mattress in his closet to make more room in his apartment for machines and tools.

Vincent Moeykens


Vincent is currently a student at UVM studying computer science. At BETA, he works with the software team developing telemetry systems for data collection and visualization. He is also a licensed pilot and has been flying gliders since before he could drive. In his free time, he volunteers on his college's rescue squad as an EMT.

Malcolm Achilles


Malcolm is currently working on his degree part-time while working full-time. He works on anything and everything that needs to happen including CNC Machines and other industrial equipment. He is a competitive Mountain biker racing around the East Coast.

Jeffrey Giroux

Jeffrey is with BETA while studying Computer Science at UVM. He works with the software team to develop and maintain our aircraft simulators. In the winter, he keeps the homegrown Vermont sport of Jack Jumping alive, shredding the mountains on 2x4s and rusty skis.

Nick Warren


Nick is one of our experimental Test Pilots. He is licensed for both Rotary and Fixed Wing aircraft and is a certified flight instructor. Nick is a veteran of the USMC where he was an attack helicopter pilot with significant OT&E experience on aircraft weapons and threat countermeasure systems. He also flew President Obama around quite a bit.

Cody Spiegel

Cody was born and raised off the electric grid in a solar-powered home in Central Vermont. He attended UVM and studied mechanical engineering. After college Cody worked at NRG Systems where he spent four years conceptualizing, developing, and testing a patent-pending Bat Deterrent System. Cody’s expertise and passions include creative mechanical design, testing, manufacturing and hands-on research, and development. In his free time, he enjoys a healthy balance of home improvement projects, gardening, beekeeping, and chasing striped bass off the New England Coast.

Morgan Gomez


Morgan has a degree focused on UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) along with a background of working on underwater robotic systems and ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles). He enjoys the learning experience from solving problems and has gained experience ranging from PCB design and programming to designing and building carbon fiber parts. When not at work, Morgan can be found tinkering on his mountain bike or sitting too close to his vintage stereo.

Joshua Auerbach


Josh is a computational scientist with expertise in software engineering, machine learning, robotics, and stochastic optimization. Before joining BETA he was Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Innovation at Champlain College and a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL in Switzerland. When he's not working you'll probably find him out in the mountains: climbing, hiking, biking, or huffing uphill on his splitboard in search of steep lines and deep powder.

Dale Williams


Dale has worked in a variety of electrical, mechanical, and building control engineering roles. In addition to engineering, he has extensive experience in carpentry, plumbing, high-efficiency heating systems, and metal fabrication. Outside of work he enjoys restoring classic vehicles and travels the world touring on motorcycles. At BETA he designs, builds, and tests electrical and mechanical systems.

Morgan Knapton


Knapton comes to Beta from the Manufacturing Engineering field, where he received dual degrees in Physics & Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, as well as his Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt. He completed projects in the Power, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Sub-sea, Food and Aerospace industries across 4 continents over the past 15 years. He utilizes a hands-on, data backed approach to affect change. Here at Beta, he leads the battery manufacturing program and is helping rollout the next generation of electric aircraft manufacturing.

Braedon Lohe


With experience building electrified race cars at UVM, working at a small electronics manufacturer, and testing the latest generation of plug-in hybrids at Ford, Braedon brings battery know-how, electro-mechanical integration experience, and testing & validation knowledge to the BETA team. When not at BETA's KBTV headquarters, Braedon can usually be found working on one of his vehicles or, in the winter, out on his snowboard.

James Laughlin


James specializes in mechanical design and fabrication. The more impossible a concept seems the better a challenge to make it lighter, faster, stronger.

Luke Randall


Luke is an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic and has his Inspection Authorization (IA) certificate. Luke has worked for private companies as an A&P Mechanic maintaining certified aircraft. He supports keeping BETA's certified aircraft flying. Additionally, Luke lends his skills and hands to the development of the aircraft of the future.

Bianca Marrier

Bianca is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, she is one of only a few women that carry a license in the state of Vermont.

Tom Henck


Tom is a Systems Engineer and Electrical Systems DER covering 14 CFR PARTS 23, 25, 27, 29. Systems engineering represents the perfect mix of all engineering disciplines to bring everything together through planning and requirements, it's exciting stuff really! Experience includes but is not limited to ARP4754A, ARP4761, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-330. DO-160G, Mil-STD-810, and Mil-STD-461. As a DER assisting the FAA Tom works diligently to provide a thorough unbiased review.

Willem Hillier

Willem started building circuits at age 8, and since then he has worked on a variety of projects, including electric racecars, low-cost mobility scooters for children, and robotic musical instruments. At Beta, Willem designs and debugs PCBs and related electrical systems. As of his sophomore year, Willem is pausing his BSEE at UVM to work at BETA full time.

Camron Guthrie


Camron (not to be confused with Cam) is another of our military-grade test pilots. He flew Vipers for the ANG under the call sign Arlo. You might also call him a walking encyclopedia of avionics if there was a kind of encyclopedia that ate other encyclopedias for breakfast.

Daniel Morton

Daniel is an intern on the electrical team with prior work experience wiring houses and renewable systems. He is currently a student at the University of Vermont studying electrical engineering where he also works on a competitive electric race car. Outside of work, Daniel enjoys wakeboarding and riding his motorcycle in the summer, while snowboarding locally in the winter.

Steven Orisko


Steven is an autobody guru utilizing his toolbox of skills to make presentation models and assist with anything on the airplane. When he’s not hanging around the hanger, he’s out plowing snow or digging with his excavator like a kid in a sandbox.c

Melissa Morris


Melissa is a recent college graduate of UMASS Lowell with a degree in mechanical engineering. She is currently part of the stator team at BETA. Outside of work she enjoys baking, traveling and listening to Broadway musicals.

Nicholas Moy

Nick is a mechanical engineer focused on simulation and development of BETA's flight control algorithms. Previously, he worked on GNC design for quadcopters, suspension and powertrain systems for an electric racecar, high precision actuation systems for military applications, and the Crew Dragon capsule. In his spare time, he enjoys getting outside on skis or a bike.

Cullen Jemison


Cullen is an electrical engineer and embedded software engineer with prior work experience designing smart-grid IoT devices. He graduated from UVM in 2019, where he studied electrical engineering. While at UVM, Cullen designed, built, and drove electric race cars. Outside of work, Cullen enjoys working on his electronics projects, skiing, and playing the saxophone.

Thomas Hughes


Tom is a Mechanical engineer with a background in environmental testing and design. He has experience in certifying FAA Part 23 and 25 aircraft parts through design, testing, and substantiation.

Brandon White


Brandon is a mechanical engineer who has spent the last 8 years in a design and development role specializing in thermal and structural design and analysis. Falling back on solid engineering principles, he has a passion for solving some of the more diverse and challenging problems in the simplest way possible. Outside of work, you can find him deep in the woods hiking, hunting or fishing.

James Whitehill


James is a recent RIT Industrial Design graduate that started his career in the fine furniture industry. He worked on woodworking projects for residential and commercial spaces with contributions including design ideation and iteration, as well as CAD drawing and CNC manufacturing. He has always been interested in creating functional, beautiful objects that eliminate problems and annoyances. At BETA, his role is to support the recharge pad team with building and problem-solving. Outside of work, James loves all outdoor activities, especially skiing and mountain biking.

Adam Clark

Adam is focused on the electronic propulsion system of the aircraft. He builds models, develops controllers, and tries not to break things on the dyno.

Miranda Ladue


Miranda has a degree in business from the University of Vermont. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years in a variety of roles that include: managing EHR implementations at major health networks, running product development for a $200M EHR product, and running product and operations for multi-national healthcare analytics company. At BETA, Miranda builds and supports the operations infrastructure that allows the team to build electric aircraft at scale.

Alex Goodchild

Alex has spent the last several years integrating field experience with formal education, specifically on UAV's and ROV's, from an electrical, and use case background. Teamwork and exploration are his passion, and make work meaningful. At BETA, he works with the scale model team, building, planning tests, and assisting to get aircraft of the ground! His free time is spent exercising in any way, building, listening and playing music, flying RC, and enjoying life with his family!

Michael Camire


Michael is Master Craftsman and Carpenter who owned his own remodeling company for over 25 yrs. He is also experienced in Electrical and plumbing. His role at BETA is building the re-charge pads and control centers.

Jordan Potvin


At BETA, Jordan is a project manager, electrical engineer, and drone pilot. He's always looking to take on new challenges and improve his skillset. He enjoys big challenges and celebrating little victories. If he's not at the office or in the field flying scale models, you can usually find him enjoying the waters of Lake Champlain or the views offered by the Green Mountains.

Katie Clark


Katie keeps BETA operations, artistic vision, and soul moving in the right direction. She has experience with multiple start ups and is an expert level multitasker. She has fantastic taste in shoes and curses more than we'd like.

Joesph Trovato


Joe started as an electrical engineer but has ventured into software, robotics, machine learning. He has worked at variety of startups on emerging technologies. First, he worked on a team to build an embedded sensor system and software tools to help professionals predict avalanches. After avalanches, Joe focused on autonomous UAVs designing sensor systems and autonomy frameworks for hard kill counter UAS applications.

Ryan Ober


Ryan works in graphic + web design, video, audio and anything else he can drum up. He recently flew a helicopter for 7 minutes and is now excited to begin actual pilot training. Outside work, Ryan enjoys being with his family, playing guitars, and then more graphic design.

Chenjie Lin


Chenjie's expertise is conceptualizing and developing novel electric motor and drive systems. Before joining BETA, he worked as a research engineer at ABB U.S. Corporate Research Center, where he initiated and led R&D projects to develop next-generation technologies. Chenjie loves basketball and always finds inspiration in sports to fuel his passion. He doesn't like cooking.

Casey Hammond

Casey comes to BETA with 10+ years of experience in the automotive technician field. He utilizes his skills and experience of mechanical knowledge to aid in all types of skilled and detailed hands on work, specifically manufacturing electric motors. Outside of work, Casey can be found (maple) sugaring, hanging out with his family, and enjoying the outdoors.

Shawn Cimonetti


Shawn works on all things scale models, from mechanical/electrical design through propulsion characterization and flight tests. He video streams ALIA flight tests and seems to enjoy hanging out of the chase helicopter more than flying DIY camera drones at home. He's dedicated to BETA while wrapping up his last few UVM mechanical engineering classes. Hobbies include building microfluidic sounding rocket payloads and getting lost in the woods.

Mike Mastrandrea


Mike is a senior at MIT studying Mathematics and Finance, which he applies to strategic and financial analysis at BETA. He spends much of his spare time restoring and racing vintage cars and sailing.

Caroline Kirkland


Caroline just graduated from NCSU with a BS in mechanical engineering where she participated in FSAE on the manufacturing and suspension teams. At BETA she is focused on battery testing and electrical systems. When not at work Caroline enjoys cooking, working out at a local gym, and hiking with lots of layers while she acclimates to New England weather. Volume control isn't her forte so, despite a quieter electric aircraft in the hangar, colleagues are still encouraged to wear hearing protection.

Jacob Nealy

Jake is an electrical engineer and drone aficionado. He is passionate about building UAV platforms with an emphasis on long range communications and long flight times. In his professional career he has worked extensively with IMUs, control systems, wireless communications, and embedded systems. When not pushing long-range limits he can be found in the mountains, hiking with his dog Sampson, or chasing fresh tracks on his snowboard.

James Lott


James grew up fixing old cars in his spare time, then started fixing up old airplanes for the US Air Force. Now he works with the Plattsburgh Ground Crew assembling, maintaining, launching,AL and recovering ALIA on Flight Test missions.

Michael Clark


Mike works on the manufacturing and deployment of our recharging infrastructure. In his spare time, he is also one of our Helicopter Certified Flight Instructors and flies the UH60 Black Hawk for the Vermont Army National Guard. Before moving to Vermont, he served in the US Army fine-tuning his professional cat-herding skills. He didn't fly President Obama but did shake his hand once.

Amira Malik


Amira took a break from building drones at MIT to building drones at BETA. She's involved in the entire process, from design to fabrication to flight testing. After work, ask her for any board game strategy, and she'll make sure you win!

Brian Esser


Brian utilizes his knowledge and experience across multiple technical disciplines to design, build, and deploy specialized instrumentation and measurement systems to further our knowledge and understanding of how our aircraft performs in the physical world. Brian enjoys both sharing his knowledge with others, and learning from the diverse backgrounds and skillsets of those he works with.

Scott Stanley

Scott is currently a student at UVM studying mechanical engineering. He started as a summer intern but for some reason, they couldn't seem to get rid of him. He works on design and manufacturing with the sub-scale team at BETA. He's always ready to hop on his skis for a dawn patrol lap.

Will Callahan


Team support and facility upgrades I guess best describes what I do at BETA. After building houses for nearly 20 years I have the good fortune of being brought in temporarily to help with fixing up BETA's north hanger nearly 2 years ago. That job led to more projects and eventually a full-time status here helping team members achieve their goals through whatever support is needed. I'm a father of 3 kids named Brooks, Astraea, and Ronan. I've lived in Essex, VT for the last 8 years with my wife Rachel and grew up in Middlebury, VT.

Chris Doyle


Referred to as Doyle, he has a lifetime passion for aviation. He earned a Finance and Business Management degree from Syracuse U but always preferred hands on work to crunching numbers. Landing a summer job as an apprentice aircraft mechanic for Jim Parker Airshows provided the opportunity to learn to fly eventually flying his 1947 Luscombe airplane across America. After 24 years as a prototype engineer at Burton Snowboards BETA called (well, texted actually) and he jumped at the chance to be part of the future of Aviation.

Fabian Baumann

Fabian is a recent graduate from Carleton University where he studied mechanical engineering. He spent the last year of his university degree designing and building a human-sized 3D printer. At BETA, you can find him working with the motor team engineering the future of aviation.

Alan Pfaff


Al has spent most of his career doing test engineering in the plastics industry and is continuing that type of work at BETA. He loves hands-on engineering and making things work. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family, being a weekend warrior around the house, wood shop, and woods while trying to fit in some hunting, fishing, and flying.

Tamara J. Kelley


Tamara is part of the Finance Team at BETA and specializes in Accounts Payable! She comes from a military family and grew up all over the world on Air Force Bases. In her downtime, Tamara loves animals, especially her two dogs, she also enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Peter Gottlieb


Peter is an electromechanical systems engineer focused on developing safe, high energy battery systems for electric flight. His previous experience includes leading the electrical engineering teams at A123 Systems and Vionx Energy. Peter earned his degree from MIT. In his spare time, he develops innovative techniques for RF amplification and power measurement.

Melanie Craig

Melanie specializes in facilities communication and activities that support the daily functionality, performance and operational structures for the team. She never stands still. She's here to make efficient use of our spaces and equipment, to look after our teams and our guests, and to assist with the daily operations of our properties and assets. She is rebuilding her home one room at a time, and enjoys being unplugged with her family at camp, "Camp Paradise".

Stephen Beams


From antique fabric airplanes to turbine powered helicopters, Steve keeps'em flying. A holder of an FAA airframe and powerplant certification with Inspection Authorization, he's been passed down the love of aviation from his father who was a naval aviator. When he's not kicking around the hangar, he's hanging with the family or stopping hockey pucks.

Sam Crites


Currently studying computer engineering at Northwestern, Sam's experience is in software and embedded systems. In the past few years, he's developed drone systems and firmware, developed commercial IoT devices, designed and built a 3D printer and lead his high school robotics team. In his free time, he loves sailing and playing electric guitar.

Jill Gagne


Jill has a BS in Software Engineering. She comes from the Healthcare IT industry where she led a global team of 400+ employees that developed EHRs and PM Systems. She has over 25 years of software industry experience ranging from testing, programming, project and people management. At BETA, Jill works with the engineering team, focusing on communication, certification, and formalizing/streamlining development processes. Jill is an avid hiker; she recently completed a thru-hike of the Long Trail and summiting the 48 4k foot mountains in NH.

Emily Hamlin

Emily is a recent college graduate with degrees in Computer Science and Physics. She is part of the software team at BETA and works on data visualization for flight and inverter testing. In her free time she enjoys climbing, hiking, and working on art projects.

Alexander Scaperotta


Alex is a mechanical engineer who has spent the past eight years soaring the green mountains. At BETA, Alex combines his knowledge and passion to build and test the next generation of electric propulsion. When he's not at work, you'll probably find him dangling off the side of a cliff or hunting for untracked snow.

Vatsal Vakharia

Vatsal focuses on Aerospace Systems Engineering. At BETA, he is helping ensure that our aircraft is safe to fly. He is an INCOSE certified systems engineer and also has a CM2 certification in configuration management.

Zachary Fraser


Zachary came to BETA from the auto body world, bringing over 15 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of bodywork, painting and refinishing. Along with making things smooth and shiny, he brings lots of hands on skills to the team, always striving to help wherever needed.

Matthew Edson


Matt is a retired F-16 pilot and currently on leave from Delta Air Lines to share his love and passion for flight with the BETA Team! Matt is a full-time pilot and flight instructor at BETA while assisting with the Alia Flight Test program. A Vermont native, He lives in Jericho, Vermont, with his wife Mia and two boys, Walker and William, who also love to fly!

Leslie Ofsuryk

Leslie comes to us with 16 years of Manufacturing experience and has spent the last 8 years in Supply Chain. She enjoys every aspect of working within a Supply Chain Team and learning new products.

Serge Goncharov


Serge wears many different hats, from being a CFI, CFII to A&P mechanic. He has a background in aircraft engine manufacturing. Holding multiple roles as a process engineer, assembly and test technician. Assembling the GE90-115B, GeNX, and LEAP high bypass engines for Boeing and Airbus. Outside of work Serge enjoys spending his time with his family, outdoor sports, and competing on his online racing simulator.

Sarah Overfield

Sarah is a mechanical engineer with experience in design, development, and analysis. Problem solving is the favorite part of her day. When not working, she prefers to be outside hiking, skiing, kayaking, soccer, etc.

Matthew Sheppard


Matt studied Computer Science at Clarkson University, sicnce he's worked professionally with software in many industries. Now at BETA he works with flight and system data collected to ensure the safety of our pilots and the performance of our aircraft.

Chris Caputo


Chris, or call sign Pooter, is one of our Certified Flight Instructors who has a passion for teaching and flying that is truly contagious...so contagious, that he married his T-37 flight instructor, Laura. Prior to BETA life, Pooter spent 31 years in the Air Force as a dedicated combat fighter pilot with over 4,000 hours in the A-10 and F-16. He also logs flight time as a first officer with Delta Air Lines on the 757 and 767. Chris loves being part of the BETA team, wearing cool hats, talking with his hands, and keeping a pulse on all things aviation.

Adam Manor

Adam spent 10 years as a Metals Technology Fabricator for the United States Air Force. He has worked as a welder/machinist in nine different countries, manufacturing and repairing parts on airframes.

Alex List


Alex is a software engineer with an entrepreneurial, product-oriented background in the aerospace and mobile application domains. Studying computer science at MIT, with a masters thesis in aerospace engineering.

Joshua Myslik


Josh thrives on mechanical product development and has spent his career evolving a skill set to be able to bring ideas from concept, to CAD, through to manufacture and test. He has a passion for getting airborne and is an instructor for fixed wing aircraft, a commercial helicopter pilot and is always looking for ways to incorporate flying into his day to day. Before BETA, he has worked on a team developing eVTOL aircraft, at Scaled Composites building the world's largest airplane, building a replica of the first airplane to cross the Atlantic and a too short of a stint blowing up scale models for the movie industry.

Bella Rieley


Bella is a mechanical engineering intern learning the ins and outs of BETA's composite and airframe production. She's currently earning a degree in mechanical engineering and looking forward to a career in the aerospace industry.

Nick Austin

Nick works with the electrical team at BETA building and testing electronics. He's worked in the field of electrical assembly and test for over 10 years and holds an associates degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a bachelor's degree in Web Design and Development. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, aerial photography, and the endless pursuit to break 90 at the local golf courses.

Jasper Henderson


Jasper is currently working with the A&Ps to keep BETA's fleet flying. He enjoys designing and building things in his free time. He is an avid nordic skier and racer, also a photographer and hikes all over Vermont taking pictures of it's natural beauty.

Zach Pan

Zach works on the magic box between battery and motor called "power converters", which constantly struggles with high voltage, high current, and can be microseconds away from short-circuiting. He also enjoys outdoor activities whenever time allows.

Tanner Bechard

Tanner has a bachelor's degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering from Morehead State University. He worked at a custom CNC machine shop where I learned how to program and operate all types of CNC machines. He currently works at the Valley shop where he makes parts for the aircraft and helps with upcoming manufacturing projects. Tanner was born and raised in Georgia, Vermont. I am very excited to be a part of such an exciting and impressive company as BETA.

Aaron Grossman

Aaron is an award-winning artist and fabricator with a background in electrical work. He's also a combat-wounded USMC vet. At BETA, he's involved with mechanical integration and flight test support. When he's not at work he's busy setting up a maker space and designing a flaming art car to bring to Burning Man.

Stephen Widdis


Steve Widdis is a mechanical engineer with over 10 years of experience in R&D and a passion for finding practical solutions for complex problems. When he can steal some time to play, you can find him kite surfing, sailing, mountain biking, or skiing with his wife and 3 year of daughter.

Stuart Schreiber


Stuart has a passion for environmental sustainability. He has spent his entire professional life in Product Development delivering products that contribute to a greener world. His experience began at Ford Motor Company where he worked on many aspects of electrified propulsion and focused on HV battery design. He continues his pursuit of sustainability at home where he continues to grow his family homestead which provides food, heat, and energy for his growing family.

Matt Colby


Matt is realizing a life long passion for airplanes. He got an opportunity to bring mechanic experiences in the bicycle, motorcycle, and auto industries to aviation maintenance. Whether it's working with the team to install an engine, wiring in the latest avionics, or continuing his training for a private pilot license he wants to be immersed in flight. That, paired with an organization that wants to change the world is his dream come true.

Cathleen Sullivan


Cathleen is probably the farthest from an Engineer as one can get at BETA, and that's okay! With a background in Human Services, college Admissions, and recruitment in manufacturing and health care fields, she's passionate about the humans who make up an organization. By providing full-cycle recruitment services at BETA, Cathleen helps weave in new talent to the creative and refreshing culture. She is energized by BETA's brave commitment to transforming aviation and bringing far-reaching positive impact.

Tom Orner

Tom is responsible for accounting and financial reporting at BETA. When not in the office you can find him enjoying all the great outdoor activities Vermont has to offer.

Andrew Snay

Andrew has worked in warehouse settings as a back-door mover and shaker. Anything that involves shipping and receiving logistics, he has a hand in.

Abbey Blankensop


To Abbey, there’s a beautiful challenge in having a degree in advertising and moving to a place where billboards are illegal. Coming from a neighborhood in the western Chicago burbs, Abbey is a marketing intern at BETA while finishing an advertising grad program at Chicago Portfolio School. On the weekends she’s working and snowboarding at Bolton Valley!

Brendon Hughes

Brendon is a welder/fabricator who brings 16 years of welding and fabricating to the BETA team. Being a second-generation welder, Brendon's father is the one who inspired him growing up and made him want to follow in his footsteps. In 2004, he started his welding career at Dynapower Corporation where he would work with Kyle, Chip, and Bandy who are the founder and current BETA employees. Having certifications in TIG, MIG, and stick welding he is a great asset to the BETA team. In his free time, he spends time with his fiancé Ashley and daughter Olivia, and can be found on the golf course, or tinkering with cars.

Eric Beauregard

Eric started his career in the USAF as a Crew Chief on heavy cargo aircraft before working for BF Goodrich and Boeing on 727, 737, and 757 aircraft as a Flight-line Mechanic. He derailed into the plastic injection molding industry working in R&D for 20 years before BETA got him back on track! Outside of work, Eric loves to spend time with his family hunting, fishing, raising beef cattle on their farm, and playing music with his 3 children.

Matt Cherouny


Matt has ramped manufacturing businesses of all sizes. Starting outgrowing GMCR/Keurig and has been passionate about building resilient manufacturing powerhouses ever since. He's started his own small business manufacturing AT ski binding adaptations and touring gear then ramped the largest factory in the world with Tesla in the Nevada desert. In the last ten years green/renewable transportation has been the name of the game, with innovations in travel by foot to sailing to electric vehicles and now onto electric aircraft. When he's not at BETA you can find him mountain biking or skiing.

Matt Harris


During a career that has taken him through aerospace, consumer goods, tooling, and sporting goods, Matt's passion has been making things better, faster, and cheaper. When not at work he can be found with his family on top of a mountain or hanging from a thin thread deep within a cave or canyon.

Brettan Martelle

Brettan has a background in systems engineering, airplane certification, and air safety. Before coming to BETA, she spent 15 years at Boeing, with most of that time on the 737 and 777 airplane programs as a lead engineer and company DER and the rest on the Airplane Safety team working with the NTSB on major crash investigations. Outside of work, Brettan enjoys being in the mountains hiking or skiing, or playing pond hockey with her daughters.

Jeffrey Solomon


Jeff has over 25 years of experience with Quality Systems in the aerospace industry. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has worked at Collins Aerospace and General Dynamics. He is an adjunct lecturer in Statistics at UVM. In his spare time, he paddles Dragon Boats (has been to two world championships so far), plays golf, and bicycles.

Collin Freiheit


Collin's professional passions include control system design and implementation. He graduated from UVM in 2020 with an MS in mechanical engineering. Shortly after graduating, Collin built a quad copter equipped with a custom 8-bit flight controller.

David Lavery

David is working on component quality control. He has spent the last 15 years in the aviation MRO industry as a machinist and quality control inspector. He has a passion for all things aviation. If he runs into you while walking, it’s probably because he’s looking up at an aircraft somewhere in the sky.

Georgia Boylan

Georgia has experience in various types of procurement, starting in the food and beverage industry, then followed by OEM and R&D manufacturing in the metals industry. Georgia is excited to be a part of the BETA team, and use her past knowledge to help the team move forward. Georgia enjoys cooking, and the outdoors. She spends her summers hiking and winters skiing.

Laura Caputo


Laura spent 15 years flying in the military, and 2 years in the corporate world. She holds her Multi-engine Commercial and Airline Transport Certificates with type ratings in DC-10, Lear-35, and Gulfstream-IV aircraft. She teaches Ground School courses for BETA and mostly spends her time hoping the experiences and knowledge she's picked up along the way can be shared with other team members, and contribute in some positive way to Team BETA.

Steven Daughtery

Steven is what some call “The Southern Elon Musk.” A graduate of Chemistry from Virginia Tech, with a love for all things mechanical. From converting cannabinoids through isomerization & building supercritical extractors to bow hunting the high country desert of AZ & building 1000hp diesel pickup trucks. At BETA he applies his out of the box thinking to his role as a materials engineer.

Ed Hall


Ed wears many hats, primarily because he's bald, but also due to his diverse background and category-challenging skill set. At BETA, he helps translate the between various stakeholders to ensure that expectations are aligned. Also engage end-users early and often for feedback on iterative prototypes.

Jack Tulloch


Jack is an intern from WPI who is studying aerospace engineering. He has loved everything aerospace for as long as he can remember. If he isn't flying, he is probably practicing archery.

Grayson King

Grayson is a circuit design wizard with 25 years of industry experience and a snow & water sports junkie who's been sliding over water in various forms just about since birth. His happy place is that magical "flow state" where time and self disappear into focused activity. He finds it just as much when absorbed in the Zen art of a complex PCB layout, as when arcing turns through the trees on skis, or flying along a foot or two above the lake chop on a wind foil board.

Wily Rahill


Wily Rahill loves flying, adventure, learning, exploring and inspiring others about the wonders of aviation! He retired after 30.5 years in the military flying and instructing in F-16s, the last 19 years as a Green Mountain Boy, and had 10 overseas deployments. He has owned his 1957 Cessna 180 Skywagon for 25 years, it's the family SUV for Cathy, Sky (also a pilot), Finn, and Wily. He flies 737s for United, but loves flying with Beta teammates in any fixed-wing planes, especially the taildraggers!

Ted Dudley


Ted, another former F-16 and A-10 pilot, comes to Beta as a flight instructor after two 20-year careers, in the Air Force, and at Delta Air Lines. He lives in Colchester, VT, and sometimes Melbourne Beach, FL. He used up nearly all of his lifetime supply of good taste in choosing a spouse and can be found sailing his sloop with friends on Lake Champlain on many summer days.

Nate Dubie


Nate Dubie is one of our Helicopter Certified Flight Instructors. He loves sharing the challenge of hovering and vertical flight with our team. On the weekends he is a Senior Army Aviator in the National Guard flying the UH60 Blackhawk and UH72 Lakota. Additionally, as a good Vermonter should, in his free time he manages a large maple syrup orchard with his family.



Whiskey is a nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He enjoys short walks on the beach and long days in the hangar. 90% of his waking hours have been on the job for moral support. He runs on three legs and loves baby carrots. He’ll be airborne in the very near future and looks forward to getting fitted for a Stearman harness in order to enjoy loops and rolls with his dad.

E Phillips

Easy E's background is obstacle course designing and designed for American Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudder, and Spartan Races. He's also appeared on shows such as America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Amazing Race. At BETA he is a manufacturing builder and dabbles in a little bit of everything. He is looking forward to learning the aviation field. If you need a go-to guy for the apocalypse this is your man.

Will Holden

Will is a coach/player on the finance and accounting team at BETA. He has spent most of his career addressing complex balance sheet and financing challenges at all types of companies. He moonlights as a saxophonist and back-up vocalist with anyone who wants to play.

Tom McCallister


Tom is a flight test engineer and flight analyst DER. He started his flying career when he was 14, paying for lessons by working at his parent’s sign shop. He received a degree in aerospace engineering from Embry Riddle and has spent his career flying and certifying high performance aircraft.

Matt Tabasko

Matt earned his degree in economics and business from UCONN. Over the last 15 years he has led global software and consulting teams across advertising, finance, automotive, CPG, and healthcare industries. He specializes in full stack SDLC, UI/UX, sales engineering, product strategy, and systems integrations. Matt works across teams to implement simple and efficient business systems and processes to enable electrified flight. He and his family live in the mountains in a net-zero house and in his spare time he enjoys restoring vintage transistor amplifiers, building HiFi speakers, mountain biking, snowboarding, and ultra running.

Micki Dalpra

Micki supports recruiting and talent acquisition for the company. She has experience in mass-hiring within the Electric Vehicle manufacturing and production world. She is ecstatic to assist BETA with electrifying aviation and changing the world of flight through the core of the company: its people.