A Rapid Recharge Solution That’s
Modular By Design

At Beta, we understand that the commercialization of electric aircraft will require recharging infrastructure. That’s why we’ve taken a complete systems approach, designing energy efficient, rapid recharge systems. Our charging solutions range from a stand alone fast charge inverter to complete recharge stations configured to support your operations.

How rapid recharge works

The ability to provide rapid recharge comes from a 250 kW AC/DC inverter connected directly to the grid. The inclusion of an optional battery energy storage module reduces demand charges of utility-supplied power, especially during peak use times, and enables aircraft to charge during power outages.

Standard Modules for your custom configuration

We’ve tapped the versatility of shipping containers to offer modules that support your operations. The possibilities for a customized charging station—including energy independence and strategic charging station placement—are wide open to meet your needs.

Optional Recharge Station Modules & Features

  • On-site Maintenance
    & Repair Workshop

    Stores replacement aircraft & charging components, while providing ample space for scheduled maintenance & minor repairs.

  • Pilot Lounge

    Provides pilots & crews with comfortable space to flight-plan or await arrivals.

  • Sleeping Accommodations

    Each comfortable hotel unit offers en-suite bath & full-size shower to help pilots recharge between missions.

  • Warehouse units

    Offers ample storage space that is secure & climate-controlled.

  • Battery Energy Storage

    Ensures rapid recharge & energy independence from the utility grid.

  • Generator

    A generator provides backup power during prolonged power outages or provides primary power in remote locations.

  • Solar array

    Solar power reduces utility bills & provides renewable energy for eVTOL recharging. Solar can be seamlessly integrated with energy storage and generator to create a self-sustaining microgrid.

  • Elevated Landing Deck

    For added location flexibility & landing security an elevated landing deck can be installed on top of the container modules.

BTV Recharge Station

With our first recharge station implementation, we gave thoughtful consideration to the needs of pilots and crews, offering features including workshop and maintenance space, lounge area and short-term lodging.

Components used

  • Battery energy storage
  • Generator
  • Elevated landing deck
  • Pilot Lounge
  • Sleeping Accommodations
  • Maintenance & repair workshop