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What if airplanes required no runways?

What if airplanes required no airports?

What if airplanes required no fuel?

BETA eVTOL Aircraft


PropulsionDistributed, Direct-Drive Electric
TypeeVTOL, Lift + Cruise
MTOW6,000 lbs
Cargo Configuration200 cubic feet
Passenger Configuration6 Seats
Wingspan50 ft
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Accelerating The Future of Flight

We imagined an electric airplane that could take off and land anywhere.
We assembled the team in 2017.
We designed the airplane in 2018.
We built it in 2019.
We got our airworthiness certificate in 2020.
Now: we fly.

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Partners in Progress

United Therapeutics commissioned this airplane to provide zero-emissions delivery for organ transplants. The United States Air Force is now commissioning prototypes for Agility Prime, a non-traditional US Air Force program seeking to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles.

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